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Oakley Lens JAWBONE Ice Iridium Polarized 16-862

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Polarized lenses are responsible for reducing glare from flat surfaces, e. g. of the water sheet. The reduction of glare makes the image sharper and the colors more saturated.


We designed JAWBONE to be a weapon against any light conditions that threaten your visual performance. Now it’s time to arm it. Lock and load your choice of accessory lenses. You have a wide array to choose from, and each set is engineered with HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®) to maximize vision with razor sharpness. All lenses are optimized with Oakley HYDROPHOBIC™, a permanent coating that repels dust while maintaining a smudge-resistant barrier against skin oils, fingerprints, lotions and sunscreens. It even repels water to prevent streaks and sheens from corrupting your vision. As if that’s not enough, we make all our lenses with pure PLUTONITE® to filter out 100% of all UV.

Lenses with our permanent IRIDIUM® coating are engineered to precisely balance light transmission and reduce glare. Optional HDPOLARIZED lenses block 99% of reflected glare without the haze and visual distortion common to ordinary polarized lenses. You can even get lenses with photochromic technology Transitions® SOLFX™ to darken automatically in response to sunlight.

Take a look at the color choices and note that we crafted many of these lenses with structural venting to provide a cooling flow of air that won’t bother your eyes. (Just click the “Color” option box above to see which ones are vented.)

  • +RED® (Positive Red) Iridium Polarized
    Don’t let bright sunlight and glare blindside you. With 99% glare reduction, these Oakley HDPOLARIZED lenses are the perfect defense. You’ll also enjoy improved depth perception because they increase visual contrast.
  • Black Iridium Polarized
    These lenses filter out 99% of glare with Oakley HDPOLARIZED technology while balancing light transmission in bright sun to help you maintain truer color recognition.
  • Black Iridium
    A mainstay in sports competition, this lens option balances light transmission on bright days, helping you maintain truer color recognition.
  • Black Persimmon Iridium Photochromic
    These lenses darken automatically to optimize performance in a full range of light conditions. The IRIDIUM coating balances light transmission and reduces glare, and you’ll have increased visual contrast to tweak your depth perception in the right direction.
  • Blue Iridium
    Made for days when the sun cooks, our Blue IRIDIUM lenses combine a contrast-enhancing tint with IRIDIUM coating to balance light transmission and reduce glare. When optimized depth perception is critical, these lenses make it happen by increasing visual contrast.
  • Clear
    With the crystal clarity of these lenses, you won’t miss any details in overcast conditions. Clear lenses are the best choice when light is low and you need the superior impact protection of Oakley optics. They still filter out all UV in case the sun peeks through.
  • Fire Iridium
    This lens option reduces glare and balances light transmission on days when the solar orb shines with an attitude. It enhances contrast to hone visual details and ratchet-up your depth perception.
  • Fire Iridium Polarized
    Say goodbye to 99% of reflected glare with Oakley HDPOLARIZED technology. These lenses balance light transmission in bright sun, boosting visual contrast to enhance detail and improve depth perception.
  • G30™ Iridium
    Countless golfers swear by these lenses, and they’re great for other activities as well. We designed them to boost the contrast between colors and bring out visual detail in a way that enhances depth perception. Choose them to make the most of medium-bright days.
  • H.I. (High Intensity) Yellow Iridium
    Even with overcast skies, you can still maximize your vision. These lenses are specifically engineered for low light that tends to flatten-out your sense of depth. Increased visual contrast is the secret behind improved depth perception.
  • Ice Iridium Polarized
    Don’t let the sun glare at you. With Oakley HDPOLARIZED technology, you’ll defy it with attitude. To improve vision even more, our Ice IRIDIUM hue provides neutral light transmission that doesn’t mess with your color perception.
  • Light +RED (Positive Red) Iridium
    With a 40% transmission rate, this lens color is specially engineered for the mid range of sun brightness. You won’t find it too dark for use on partly cloudy days, and with its neutral tint, it will help you maintain truer color recognition.
  • Persimmon
    On days when the sun is hiding, flat light turns the volume down on detail and depth. Persimmon lenses amp vision with contrast that boosts depth perception and carves a sharper line between objects in your visual field.
  • VR28® Black Iridium Polarized
    Offering a wide spectrum of technology, this optical wonder filters out 99% of glare while balancing light transmission to help you see in bright sun. You get Oakley HDPOLARIZED technology and improved contrast to enhance detail and crank up depth perception.
  • VR28 Polarized
    Great for most activities in bright sun, this Oakley HDPOLARIZED lens option is a favorite among fishermen because it lets them read river bottoms and spot the reds and greens of prized species. Precisely balanced light transmission and 99% glare reduction do the job.
  • VR50™ Photochromic
    Whether you’re in weak sun or blinding solar rays, these lenses handle the spectrum by darkening automatically. They increase contrast to improve depth perception while making visual details pop with clarity.

Important Note: Use care when installing/removing accessory lenses. Scratched lenses can not be returned and are not covered under Oakley’s warranty policy

Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Activated by Transitions is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. and licensed to Oakley, Inc.

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