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Triathlon glasses - Ambassador's recommendations


We talk about sports glasses with Łukasz Kalaszyński, our long-time Ambassador

Łukasz Kalaszczyński
Łukasz Kalaszczyński

Łukasz Kalaszczyński

Champion of Poland
at the distance of Half Iron Man


Polish Champion
in Duathlon



He has been involved in sport from an early age, starting with football training, making his debut in his hometown of Płock at the Polish Junior Championships in middle and cross-country running. Then he continued training athletics during his studies at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. Currently an active triathlete who combines training with the role of a coach and family duties.


is it worth training with glasses?

Every triathlete should have a properly selected model of sports glasses in his wardrobe. Running, cycling, triathlon are sports in which different weather conditions prevail during competitions and trainings. The most important function of sports glasses is eye protection. I am most exposed to the sun and its harmful rays - they protect my eyes from harmful UV rays. The glasses also protect my eyes from eye injuries caused by airborne pollen or insects that can get into my eyes. They significantly improve the comfort of my workouts, providing excellent visibility during training in various conditions. That is why it is worth choosing photochromic glasses that react to light and choose the sharpness of dimming themselves. Thanks to this, our eyes do not get tired during long hours spent in the cycling saddle.


Cycling training glasses

The glasses must be comfortable and the frames should fit the shape of the face. That's why it's worth taking the time to adjust them properly. When choosing glasses, it is worth taking a helmet with you to try on. Choose the right glasses for the shape of our helmet. It happens that the helmet during the aerodynamic position slips the glasses onto the nose, limiting the field of view. Glasses must stay in place when moving the head, and properly selected should allow a wide field of vision. The image while cycling should not be obscured by anything. Glasses with thick frames and ill-fitting will slide off the eyes, limiting and narrowing the field of view. It is worth choosing glasses with panoramic lenses or models without frames, such as the Oakley EV Zero or Encoder model.

Plutonite® material from which all Oakley lenses are made is tested for durability against light objects at high speed and heavy objects moving at low speed.

When trying on glasses with a helmet, pay attention to how the upper frame fits, so that the field of view is not restricted in the time position.


Glasses for the running stage

During the running stage, the models that work best for me are: my favorite Oakley Jawbreaker and Oakley BXTR. They fit my face perfectly. There is nothing more annoying than frames jumping up and down while running. Both models are very light, thanks to which during sports activities I do not feel that I am wearing them. Running with glasses reduces squinting during intense running in the sun. Thanks to this, the tension of our muscles is reduced, which translates into better economy, less fatigue, we do not stiffen while running. Relaxed muscles are less tired. This allows you to maintain higher running comfort and running economy. This is of great importance during long IM or ½ IM competitions.

The three-point fit of the Oakley frames is designed so that the frames do not slip down the nose and additionally eliminate the discomfort caused by pressure. The frames touch the head at three points: above the ears and on the nose.

What are Łukasz Kalaszczyński's favorite glasses and why these?

If I had to choose one favorite glasses, I definitely bet on the Jawbreaker Custom model. In addition to the safety and comfort that their use gives me, they have a great design, we can also personalize them individually. It's the feeling of having something special. We can choose the colors of the glasses, frames to match the colors of the outfit and the bike or engrave your nickname on the glasses. I chose #DAWAJKALACH

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Łukasz Kalaszczyński