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Prescription glasses Oakley® - Oakley® Authentic Prescription

Oakley prescription glasses are a unique product that fits you, your lifestyle and your eyesight. All Oakley® lenses and frames have been designed precisely according to the user's parameters, creating one consistent product to ensure the highest quality of vision and wearing comfort. See more with Oakley's unique technology and enjoy every moment. Will your Oakley prescription glasses accompany you on the mountain trails? At a carefree time on the beach? How about while cycling? No matter what's close to your heart, Oakley's glasses will keep up with you, keeping you safe and looking good.


Table of contents

  1. Oakley® Authentic Prescription clear prescription glasses
  2. Oakley® Authentic Prescription progressive glasses
  3. Oakley True Digital prescritpion sports glasses
  4. Technologies
  5. How to order glasses over the Internet
  6. Frequently asked questions


Oakley® Authentic Prescription - dawniej Oakley True Digital - Okulary korekcyjne Oakley 

Your prescription glasses with Oakley lenses - quarantee of quality and vision

Oakley® Authentic Prescription is a possibility to have glasses with original Oakley lenses. From now on, you can take full advantage of the technologies the brand is famous for with clear, tinted or photochromatic prescription glasses. You can decide which solution is right for you - complementing your favourite Oakley glasses with prescription lenses.


Get to know the details of our offer

The Oakley® Authentic clear vision prescription lenses offer a wide range of indexes, materials, technologies and coatings to meet individual vision correction needs. For most models of frames we can choose glasses in the range of correction powers from +3. 50 dioptres to -6. 00 dioptres, offering an individual offer of functional and aesthetically pleasing prescription glasses.

Select the frames, then send a request with information about your correction powers and preferences for the use of prescription glasses to

Oakley - okulary korekcyjne na codzień

Both available anti-reflection coatings are applied to the outer and inner surface of the lens, reducing glare while repelling dirt such as sebum, water and dust, making them cleaner and streak-free for longer. If you're looking for glasses to work at a computer or spend a lot of time at a monitor, choose a coating that will protect you from harmful blue-violet light.

Technologie w okularah OAP - Oakley® Authentic Prescription - okyalrach korekcyjnych Oakley Technologie w okularah OAP - Oakley® Authentic Prescription - okyalrach korekcyjnych Oakley Technologie w okularah OAP - Oakley® Authentic Prescription - okyalrach korekcyjnych Oakley Technologie w okularah OAP - Oakley® Authentic Prescription - okyalrach korekcyjnych Oakley Technologie w okularah OAP - Oakley® Authentic Prescription - okyalrach korekcyjnych Oakley

One pair of prescription glasses - many possibilities. Oakley progressive lenses are a sharp vision from every distance.

Oakley progressive glasses are the perfect solution for people who need reading support while keeping their vision clear. If you are in your 40s, have a current vision test and then order prescription glasses that will improve your vision. One pair of glasses - without having to change them and carring the glasses for reading.

Offering a personalised visual experience, OTD™ Plus lenses are digitally optimised taking into account not only the apex distance and frame dimensions, but also the way you wear your glasses on a daily basis, providing better visual acuity over the entire lens surface.

Oakley Autentic Prescription - Okulary korekcyjne Oakley


We know that sport is your passion. Our passion is optics, that's why we offer you prescription sports glasses.

If you're a physically active person and you're still thinking about buying prescription glasses that will accompany you in all conditions - check why you should choose Oakley?

Selectable corrective tinted lenses are available in the following variants :

  • Non-Iridium 
  • Iridium
  • Prizm
  • Polarized
  • Prizm & Polarized
  • Transitions

However, it all depends on the correction powers and the chosen model of glasses. For a full quote and lens recommendation please contact us.

Oakley® True Digital™ (OTD™) technology with digital freeform design, provides high quality vision, eliminates any misting and reduces distortion in peripheral vision. All this to meet the expectations of even the most demanding sports lovers.

If you want high transparency without peripheral distortion, choose active or sports glasses and send your inquiry with your correction values to o-shop@shop. com. Indicate which colour and lens technology you are interested in or get advice by contacting us by e-mail or by calling +48 888 880 000



Quality and innovation of glasses are Oakley brand values

To ensure maximum satisfaction with Oakley prescription glasses, choose the technology that best suits your needs.

Oakley Autentic Prescription - Sportowe okulary korekcyjne Oakley

Technology Polarized HD

If you spend a lot of time driving, your eyesight will appreciate your choice of polarization. It is thanks to it that the glare from the roadway and the hoods of cars will no longer distract you while driving. You spend a lot of time by the water? The reduction of glare from the water surface will give your waterside recreation a whole new quality.

Oakley HD Polarized

PRIZM Technology

See for yourself how clear and saturated the colours around you are! Prism technology makes specific colour ranges more saturated than others. This allows you to choose a lens for your sport or enjoy the highest quality of vision on a daily basis.

Oakley HD Polarized

Transitions technology

One pair of glasses that you wear indoors and outdoors. With this technology, Transistions' intelligent lens will adapt itself to your conditions. It's getting darker to around 85% (the standard category of dimming for strong sunshine) in a matter of seconds!


See how you can order your glasses over the Internet in 4 easy steps

  1. Choose prescription frame or sunglasses
  2. Send a picture of the prescription along with the PD measurement
  3. Specify where are you going to wear the glasses
  4. Send an e-mail to 
Oakley - okulary korekcyjne dla aktywnych Oakley - okulary korekcyjne dla sportowców

If you don't have a prescription with specified pupil distance- it's okay! Download this file, which contains a manual and a tool to take measurements at home.


Do you have a question? We have the answer! FAQ

How long will I wait for my order?

After paying for the order, we start the process of order execution.Oakley prescription glasses are made in Italy in a laboratory and the lead time is 14 days. To this must be added the shipping time depending on the selected carrier (about 1-3 days).


Can I return prescription glasses bought via the Internet?

Corrective glasses are a medical product, not prefabricated, made to individual order and therefore it is not possible to return this product. Contact us and tell us why you want to return your glasses? We will try to offer a satisfactory solution.

Can I make a complaint for glasses? And what is the warranty period?

Original Oakley prescription lenses have a two-year warranty from the original delivery date in the event of cracks, flaking and defective coating. In the unlikely event of a defect in the lenses, the manufacturer will provide a copy according to the original order (frame + lenses).

What can I do if I don't get used to the new glasses?

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers and their eyesight, we provide the possibility of replacement with another type of lens or other correction values. A guarantee of vision is a time to get used to new glasses - you don't have to nervously speed up this process, which usually takes about two weeks. Report no adaptation no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the package with glasses.


I don't see well in progressive glasses, what's next?

In the unlikely event that the patient cannot get used to wearing the new Oakley progressive glasses, the non-adaptive glasses will be replaced by single focal length vision glasses.

OTD (OAP) - w modelu Oakley Radar

Oakley Autetngit Prescription - Oakley True Digital - korekcja w modelu Oakley Jawbreaker