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Sport sunglasses must meet extremely high demands. Oakley® models allow you to use full potential and ability runner. They must provide sharp and accurate field of view in all directions. Convenient and highly specific frames allow you to keep full concentration, keeping the glass in proper alignment with the optical. Also plays a key role resistance to mechanical damage and UV protection. In the production of Oakley® sunglasses used they are therefore still new, innovative solutions that benefit not only professional athletes. For athletes, the most important is the sharp central vision, while for the runners to a greater extent counts peripheral vision, so that recognize objects, people and traffic. Ordinary sunglasses slightly bent may obscure or interfere with peripheral vision. Peripheral vision provides a wider range of situations, which is essential to the rapid adoption of key decisions.



When choosing sunglasses for running should be taken into consideration comfort and stability. Maintaining expertise will provide rounded earpieces that adjust to your ears in a way that does not allow to avoid excessive pressure points. Proprietary fit as Three-Point Fit by Oakley® makes the glasses are evenly seated on the edge of the nose and sides of the head. Lenses remain stationary in the precise alignment of the optical and temples made in the technology Unobtainium® increase the adhesion of glasses because of sweat. Oakley® models remain in place against the force of gravity. In addition, Oakley® frame is equipped with comfortable rubber nose pads and temple tips. The unique properties of rubber make it by water or sweat, the glasses do not slip up, but they do even more outboard. Quick and easy replacement of lenses is another advantage Oakley® models, by the company that is a pioneer in the design of glasses with interchangeable lenses. More secure and less complicated, these words well describe Switchlock Oakley technology, including available Radarlock frames. With this technology, anyone can easily adjust the lens to the appropriate lighting conditions.




Another important criterion that should be followed when choosing a running sunglasses is the color of the lenses. Oakley® has developed a full range of colors of lenses for a variety of environmental conditions. These technologies control the lens transmission, reflection and absorption of light, which provides the best configuration of filtering, color balance and contrast in all conditions sunlight. The right choice of lenses shade provides the best color vision, which may decide on obtaining the best results and keep you safe in a particular environment.

For runners are especially recommended Black Iridium Polarized lenses, Bronze, Gray, which provide visual comfort in strong sunlight. The main advantages of the Black Iridium® Polarized lenses:

+ Perfect for a variety of everyday situations.
+ Ideally they protect the eyes and provide comfort viewing in bright sunlight.
+ Universal lens color - good for both physical activity and walks.

Yellow lenses give but a very good contrast in low light, while the VR28 increase visual acuity and contrast, while the Persimmon lenses will be very good on cloudy days.

The choice of lenses for the weather conditions illustrates below:


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Photochromic Lenses are another possibility. Achieving the best results in training requires adequate preparation for changing weather conditions. Single Oakley® cover lenses lighten and darken through the use of Photochromic technology.

+ Photochromic lenses adjust to the changing conditions of sunlight, ensuring the highest comfort.
+ Guarantee one hundred percent block UV rays, even if light up on cloudy days, during which UV radiation is also dangerous.
+ Blackout lenses will never be too big, if the sun for a moment hide behind clouds, nor too small, if once again shine brightly.

In addition, we recommend PRIZM ™ lenses. It is a new Oakley® lens technology, which adjusts the picture depending on Sport, or the environment in which we are currently in, highlighting the color and increases contrast. Oakley® Prizm ™ is the first lens that has been designed for specific activities. See the benefits:

+ Improved visual acuity, through which you can see everything clearly, allowing for faster response.
+ Improved color recognition to help you see what you need to see.
+ Optimization of vision and tracking moving objects
at sight.
+ Increased productivity and safety.


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