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Oakley® is renowned for its innovation in the design of the frames, is a global leader in the production of high quality glasses that meet the highest requirements. Convenient and highly specific frames allow to keep full concentration, keeping the glass in the right optical setting. Also plays a key role resistance to mechanical damage and UV protection. For athletes, the most important is the sharp central vision, while for cyclists matters greater peripheral vision, so that recognize objects, people and traffic. Ordinary sunglasses slightly bent may obscure or interfere with peripheral vision. Accordingly, the user is forced to turn around his head. Peripheral vision provides a wider range of situations, which is essential to the rapid adoption of key decisions. The rider can not yet look away from the track, but must carefully to see other runners. .

What criteria should meet the cycling glasses and what to look for when choosing?

1. Removable and ventilated lenses

Oakley® is a pioneer in the design of glasses with interchangeable lenses, and innovation in these Oakley® Switchlock ™ technologies makes replacement lenses work smoothly and quickly. For the first time, this system appeared in 2007. Jawbone® model, now is also available in other models, including Radarlock®. With this technology, anyone can easily adjust the lens of the right to adequate lighting. Cyclists can easily adjust the tint lenses provide the best combination of filters, color balance and contrast, and mount lenses can withstand the loads that could cause distortion of the image.

+ Optimum comfort - replaceable lenses is fast and extremely simple.
+ Ability to adapt to the weather conditions and the intensity of sunlight.
+ Proprietary technologies guarantee an optimized level of transparency, efficiency and conservation.


The second important issue is vented lenses. Traditional lens strongly bent frames can lead to blurring or distortion of peripheral vision. The best solution for professionals and sports enthusiasts will be prescription glasses in frames firmly bent with ventilated corrective lenses with improved peripheral vision field as Racing Jacket.


2. Frame

It is a key technology for comfort and fit. Other manufacturers are equipped with rounded earpieces that adjust to your ears in a way that does not allow to avoid excessive pressure points. Proprietary fit Three-Point Fit by Oakley® makes the glasses are evenly seated on the edge of the nose and sides of the head. Lenses remain stationary in the precise alignment of the optical and temples made in the technology Unobtainium® increase the adhesion of glasses because of sweat. Oakley® glasses remain in place against the force of gravity. Almost every Oakley® frame is equipped with comfortable rubber nose pads and temple tips. They are made of special rubber called Unobtainium®, created in 1975 by founder Jim Jannard. The unique properties of rubber make it by water or sweat, the glasses do not slip up, but they do even more outboard.




In addition Oakley® miniaturized designs both with a double adjustment mechanisms as well as mechanisms to ensure a comfortable spring mount lenses. Oakley® hinge technology used in both prescription glasses and sunglasses constantly setting new standards.

+ The unique durability while maintaining maximum comfort and utility value.
+ Technical Excellence precise mechanism achieved thanks to the best materials and workmanship.
+ Excellent aesthetics fluidly connected to the housing hinge mechanism of frames and temples.
+ The guarantee stability and resistance to pressure.

3. Technology

Oakley® offers the best polarized lenses. Ordinary polarized lenses can interfere seen the picture. Furthermore, they do not eliminate glare sufficiently. Oakley® exclusive technology that makes our polarized lenses are the only ones in their class. We melt the polarization filter lenses using molecular methods. Other manufacturers use cheaper methods of integrating layers, which can cause haze and optical distortion of the image. Oakley® company polarizing filters provide up to 99% glare filtering with an accuracy that reaches the limits of modern high-precision production methods. HDPolarized® Lenses by Oakley® provide exceptional image clarity and effectiveness of protection by blocking a hundred per cent UVA, UVB and UVC. Eye damage caused by UV radiation are cumulative over time. UV radiation is invisible, so we are not aware of the real danger. The fight against UV rays requires a visionary technology:

+ Oakley® Lenses made of special material Plutonite® block 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light up to 400nm.
+ UV radiation is blocked by the material from which the lens, not through a thin protective layer on the surface of the lens which may be worn off or wear off.
+ Optical technology Oakley® provide adequate curvature lenses, and therefore better top and side eye protection.

Stylish design does not necessarily mean inferior strength. Sunglasses Oakley® meet and even exceed the standards of resistance to mechanical damage of the American National Standards Institute. Testing using heavy metal spikes dropped on the lens from a height of more than 1.5 m, and a 2.5-inch projectiles fired on the lens at a speed of 164 km / h. Both tests seem Oakley® lenses without reservation. Glasses on a bike must also be resistant to a mixture of water and mud that gets through from the tires, which accompanies workouts.


4. Lenses

Oakley® has developed a full range of colors of lenses for a variety of environmental conditions. Control technologies lens transmission, reflection and absorption of light, which provides the best configuration of filtering, color balance and contrast in all conditions sunlight. The right choice lenses shade provides the best color vision, which may decide on obtaining the best results and keep you safe in a particular environment. The sharp rays of light will not prevent the rider when he had brought with him Iridium® lens OO Red Polarized designed to protect your eyes from glare on roads and sidewalks. It is not uncommon alternate driving in sun and shade, through the narrow shaded corners. As a result, dark gray is too dark. Therefore, you should consider Oakley OO Red Polarized as an example of the color for cyclists, to ride all day. It is a color specific to the sport of cycling, because tons of dark red / pink improves contrast and is less dark, transmits approx. 18% of light. In the chart you will notice that both red and gray, absorbing blue waves to reduce light scattering, but in the following areas is a significant difference. Red transmits green through red, which increases the contrast, and the average transmission. It is not as dark as dark gray, so works well in shady conditions. Other considerations are the gray road, the colors of cars or other cyclists around you, polarized light reflecting off the asphalt in the early morning or at dusk. AR is applied on the inside. Adding mirrored lenses will darken the lenses by a further 10% to ride in lighter conditions. The main advantages of OO Red Iridium® Polarized lenses:

+ Reflects 99.9% of glare coming from the asphalt or pavement: thus reduces eye fatigue.
+ Improves depth perception: improves contrast vision and allows quicker identify all hazards on the road.

However, to be a master track, you have to get to know the area. With an average or low light, our specially created VR28® Black Iridium® lens maximizes clarity and depth of vision by enhancing the contrast between subtle shades of browns and greens. The main advantages of VR28® Black Iridium® lenses:

+ Maximizes transparency and depth of vision: better visibility in terms
medium or weak sunlight.
+ Increase contrast: to distinguish subtle color variations on each trail.

In addition, we recommend the latest Oakley PRIZM ™ technology, which provides a powerful vision required for the sport discipline.

PRIZM ™ Road - Road riders have seen it all, and with inferior lenses, they haven’t seen it well. Dirt, cracks, sealant and other hazards pop up out of nowhere and force them to make split-second decisions. When the eyes aren’t giving the brain enough information, reaction time suffers and safety is compromised. Prizm™ Road helps riders spot subtle changes in the texture of road surfaces so they can react more quickly and ride safer.

PRIZM ™ Trail -  Dirt can be hard-packed, loose or granular, and to ride with confidence, cyclists need to see subtle variations in texture. They also need to quickly spot sand, rocks, roots and other transitions in shade and bright light. Ordinary sunglass lenses aren’t good enough. Riders need lenses that specialize in the trail environment. Whether you’re scorching trails on a shaded stretch or hitting rocky chutes in full-on sun, contrast is preserved to optimize performance and help improve safety.



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