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Below we present all technologies, which Oakley uses to create the world's best sunglasses and goggles.:


HDO ® (High Definitions Optic) - optical technology which allows you to see all of even the smallest details without magnification and distortion of the image, unlike ordinary lenses that affects the health of your eyes. With Oakley HDO ® you will see everything exactly where it is, displacement of the image or distance bias so characteristic for most of the solar lens simply does not exist. Oakley HDO ® technology meets all the standards of the American National Standards Institute.


Polarization - Polarized Oakley's technology breaks all industry standards when it comes to transparency, experience and durability. Oakley eliminated evaporation and distortion in the standard polarized lenses by a patented process of glass infusion around the filter. This liquid fusion creates a fusion at the molecular level, allowing the filter to achieve the highest possible level.


OO Polarization - This is a new quality polarization dedicated to people who do not want to miss any detail or life visual experience. POLARIZATION OO technology sharpens contrast and color while maintaining the strength and the quality of Oakley polarization.


Transitions / Photochromic - Oakley partnered with Transitions Optical to create lenses that darken and lighten automatically. Photochromatic technology in combination with patented Oakley innovation provides the highest quality, transparency and protection.

- Glass adjust to changing light conditions

- Lens tint improves depth perception

- Quality of High Definition Optics ® provides unsurpassed clarity


Impact Protection – the appearance is not the only factor which indicates glasses quality. None of the athletes can afford to ignore the issue of safety and security. That's why as for the impact resistance Oakley sunglasses meet all the standards of the American National Standards Institute.

- Resistance to damage caused by hard objects moving at low speed

- Impact resistance to lighter objects moving with considerable speed

- Maximum protection thanks to innovations such as PLUTONITE ® material of which lenses are made


UV Protection – are you protecting your body with sunscreen - so why should you forget to protect your eyes and sunglasses? Remember, however, that not all glasses will insure the same high quality. Many lenses, boasting a "UV blocking" does not ensure complete safety. Oakley PLUTONITE ® lenses are different:

- PLUTONITE ® material stops 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC

- The protective properties are built into the structure of the material - they are not limited only to the outer shell that is easy to wipe off

- The shape of the glass increases the protection against UV radiation in the upper part of the glass and at the side edges



Hydrophobic - Oakley Hydrophobic unique coating makes the glasses resistant to build-up moisture. This technology prevents also the formation of trails and fights against fat and impurities that could limit your visual comfort in the heat of competition.

- Prevents moisture

- Protection against smudges and dirt

- Facilitates cleaning


Frame Design - Unique Oakley Three-Point Fit keeps the glasses in perfect position. The material from which frames are made combines durability and comfort and absorbs impacts, making them perfectly suited for sport competition. Moreover their design maximizes your peripheral  vision.

- Optical lens fit, providing sharp, detailed image 

- Enhanced security thanks to impact absorbing material

- Shape improves peripheral vision