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5 Reasons why should we wear sunglasses during Autumn and Winter
1. The most recent collection for the new season has appeared and sunglasses in the sport style fits great for the autumn-winter outfit.
2. Polarized lenses reduce glare caused by reflection of light from flat surfaces such as the hood of the car, roadway or storefront. Regardless of the season improves our vision and comfort such as when driving.
3. Sunglasses protect us from squinting, therefore our skin stay young longer.
4. UV radiation reaches our eyes at any time of day and year so that about the protection it should be remembered forever.
5. During any activity, such as jogging or cycling, sunglasses effectively protect, not only from the sun and radiation, but also against dust and wind.



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Sunglasses with vision correction

Your favorite pair of sunglasses can also be available vision with correction! Check out the latest frames in our offer - now you can have prescription sunlenses in the selected color.

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Using good quality sunlens is extremely important. Typically colored lenses, despite the fact that protect your eyes from the blinding light, does not necessarily offer full protection against UV radiation. In this case, the pupil of the eye expands, letting more light into the eye, and thus more harmful UV rays. Sun Complete Physio lenses offer full protection against radiation, glare and eliminate cumbersome due to the AR coating, allow you to see the actual colors, reduce the amount of light providing better comfort. They are also resistant to scratches.