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Polarized - Glare Protection

When It Comes To Stopping Glare, Less Is More.

Many sunglass-makers believe the best way to block the sun from your eyes is with a lens that has a lot of layers. Take a plain lens, glue on a filter, then another, then another. But each additional layer creates further distortion, and soon the clarity of the lens is completely hosed. At Oakley, we do it differently. Our HDPolarized lenses are one layer, lean and powerful enough to block glare without compromising clarity. And as the performance results demonstrate, less is definitely more.


Think of it as Sunscreen for Your Eyes.

Polarized Emission.

You can’t see ultraviolet light, but like MSG and The Force, you know it’s there. Every time you lather up in SPF-whatever sunscreen, lather your lips in lip balm, or throw on a hat before going out, you do so because you’re trying to protect yourself from the piercing sunlight that burns your skin and, if ignored, can cause cancer. For many, sliding on a pair of Oakley HD Polarized sunglasses is an integral part of any sun protection routine. And for good reason.

Oakley HD Polarized sunglasses block 100% of all ultraviolet light–UVA, UVB, UVC…all of it. Because building an optical forcefield means protecting you from everything but safest, clearest, most glare–free light.


Championship Pedigree.

Look at the spectacular roster of athletes who proudly wear Oakley HD Polarized eyewear. World champions. Olympic champions. X Games champions. The world’s elite. As athletes who make their living and their mark on the world outdoors, they can’t let sun blindness or concern for their eye safety distract them from their laser focus. That’s why they choose Oakley HD Polarized sunglasses, goggles and shields. We block out the glare, the harmful light, and worry so they can focus on being their best. The same goes for you.


Coming Unglued.

Axis of Polarization.

Polarized light doesn’t like you. Doesn’t respect you either. It’s just an angry bully that wants nothing more than to stick its glare-producing little fingers in your eyes and try to distract you from conquering the world. But we’re not going to let that happen, are we? Polarized light may able to bring down lesser sunglasses, but Oakley HD Polarized sunglasses are fearless. We’re going to walk up to polarized light, pull the back of its shirt over the top of its head, and punch it in the gut.


Oakley HDPolarized Lenses

Both Oakley lenses are made at the same time to make sure that the axis is the same throughout. Doing so prevents the light from bending due to any inconsistencies found in the lens.

Competitors Lenses

The lenses are manufactured at different times which means that the axis will never be the same in both lenses resulting it worsened glare protection and clarity.


More scientifically put, polarized light is made of rays of sunlight all moving in the same direction, usually horizontally. So how do you stop something moving horizontally at your face? You put something vertical in front of it. That’s ostensibly how Oakley HDPolarized sunglasses work (although our Mad Scientists would have you believe it’s really about math and geometry.

Guardian Angles.

Some of the harshest light our eyes see on a daily basis is that which bounces off the surfaces of cars, buildings, snow, water and other environments. Therefore, in order to create a true optical forcefield around your eyes, we engineer our Polarized lenses so when that light hits your Oakley lenses, it does so at as close to a perpendicular, 90-degree angle as possible. The result is an outlook on the world unencumbered by the nuisance of glare and the dangers it portends.