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Optical frames technology - comfort and fit

Other manufacturers' glasses are equipped with rounded temples that adapt to the ears in a way that does not avoid the point of excessive pressure. Oakley's proprietary Three-Point Fit technology ensures that the eyepieces are evenly positioned on the edge of the nose and sides of the head. The glasses remain immobile in a precise optical setting, and the Unobtainium technology earpieces increase the grip of the glasses under the influence of sweat. Oakley glasses remain in place, resisting the force of gravity.
Technologie opraw marki Oakley


 System Tree Point Fit w marce Oakley THREE-POINT FIT SYSTEM guarantees:
- All-day comfort without the points of excessive pressure and the associated headaches.
- Perfect fit to the size of your head.
- Precise optical alignment of the lenses for best visibility.


Unobtanium - materiał opraw marki Oakley Rubber finishes UNOBTAINIUM:
Almost every Oakley frame is equipped with comfortable rubber noses or temple ends. They are made of a special rubber called Unobtainium, created in 1975 by the brand founder Jim Jannard.
The unique properties of this rubber make the glasses not slip when exposed to water or sweat, but become even more attached to the head.



Oakley designs both miniaturised double-adjustable mechanisms and spring-loaded mechanisms to ensure that the lenses are securely fixed. Oakley hinge technology used in both corrective and sunglasses constantly set new standards.

  • Unique durability while maintaining full comfort and utility values.
  • Technical perfection of the precision mechanism, achieved by the best materials and execution.
  • Excellent aesthetics that seamlessly combine the hinge mechanism with the frames and temples.
  • Guaranteed stability and pressure resistance.




Hinges inspired by motorcycle wheels without hubs. They transform simplicity into a work of art. The minimalist design consists of a cam mechanism and internal piston.


Zawias MONOSHOCK Oakley


Hinges using mechanical precision for flexibility, comfort and fit. They have a special element - a "leg" that connects the front with the rest of the temple.


Zawias TWINSHOCK Oakley


The structure of this hinge is similar to that of the springs used to minimize pressure. Thanks to the use of double "legs", these hinges guarantee flexibility and durability; they stand out due to Oakley's distinctive design.


Zawias ZERO PROFILE Oakley


A completely new aesthetic effect: a continuous hinge, combining functionality and art, while eliminating all the inconveniences of traditional hinges. The mechanism integrated into the temple guarantees a minimalist appearance and extraordinary durability.