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How to choose glasses - guide



 Oakley is a company for which the quality of the offered product and customer satisfaction are the most important. Oakley is a leader in sunglasses and goggles. It owes its position in the glasses market to the exclusive use of Plutonite® and Lexan® glass materials. These materials provide the highest quality optics, impact protection and filtering of 100% UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light. When choosing Oakley products, it is important to remember that their main advantage is technology. This lightweight and durable material is the purest polycarbonate figure in the world. Plutonite provides unparalleled optical clarity, comfort and protection against injury and ultraviolet radiation. Plutonite is thinner and lighter than CR 39 plastic or glass.


Oakley glasses are divided into three categories: clear glasses, contoured glasses for use in adverse weather conditions, and sunglasses that are ideal for sunny days.

The tinted Oakley glasses are:

Fire IridiumBlack Iridium, Grey, Dark Grey, Bronze, Dark Bronze, VR28 Black Iridium, Ice Iridium, Gold Iridium, Blue Iridium, Ruby Iridium.

Among the contour glasses, on the other hand, we distinguish:

Persimmon, H.I. Persimmon, Yellow, H.I. Yellow, G30, Pink Iridium, VR28
There is also Clear glass, but as the name says, it has no color effect.



Oakley offers the possibility to enrich these lenses with the following technologies: Iridium®, Polarization, Transition® and Hydrophobic®. IRIDIUM® marked glasses have coatings that reduce glare and improve contrast for improved vision, even during high clouds and low light levels.


  • Increases contrast in shaded areas
  • Anti-reflective, minimizes sunlight reflections
  • Regardless of the lifetime of the Irdidium does not fade
  • As it is in the structure of Plutoniumite (monolith) - it does not fall off, does not scratch
  • Gives the lens a fashionable mirror effect
  • Protects the lens before scratches

POLARIZED glasses reduce light reflection from flat surfaces such as water or concrete. Normal glasses with a polarizer can blur and distort the image. However, the polarization efficiency of Oakley lenses is greater than 99% which gives the highest rate in the world!

ACIVATED BY TRANSITIONS® are photochromic, i. e. they adapt to the conditions, lighting (they darken and brighten up) depending on the amount of UV radiation affecting the lens.

The HYDROPHOBIC® coating prevents dust, grease and water drops from settling on the surface of the lenses, so that the care and maintenance of the lenses is in no way burdensome.

Each of the above mentioned technologies is applicable to the daily use of Oakley products. When choosing the right glasses for you, you should be guided by what you need them for.


In the selection of frames for athletes, the basic criterion should be the comfort and fitting of the glasses, so they should be frames from the "sport" category equipped with frame finishing elements made of UNBOTANIUM® material. The basic technologies that should be included in sports glasses due to their properties are: Iridium® coating and Hydrohobic®. As far as Transitions® glazing is concerned, it is certainly useful for both mountain and road cyclists, who have to face a variety of weather conditions during races. In the case of athletes, polarization is recommended only for road riders, as only on the road can they fully exploit its advantages. SYSTEM THREE POINT FIT in Oakley only comes into contact with the head at 3 points: behind the temples and on the nose. This guarantees a perfect fit to any head shape, with maximum comfort and safety. The glasses do not rest on the ears and do not unnecessarily tighten the temples. The result is a feeling of lightness even when wearing glasses for a long time. THANKS TO THE USE OF SUCH MATERIALS, THE FRAMES ARE VERY LIGHT AND HOLD TO THE HEAD WELL.

Sunglasses can also be a great gadget, thanks to the wide range of colors offered, Oakley sunglasses are very popular among young people who want to look original. The Frogskins™ and Jupiter™ series are a prime example of this application. For people with a more subdued way of being, we recommend that you read the "Active" and "Lifestyle" categories. To sum up, even the most demanding customers of will find a frame that will appeal to them.

For drivers:

Among all sunglasses users, car drivers are a large and very important group. If it is the comfort of driving a car that determines the purchase of glasses, it is important to remember about the basic issue, namely safety. This is where polarization, which reduces glare from concrete or other vehicles' windows, proves to be irreplaceable, and when combined with an Iridium® coating, it significantly increases our safety.

Prescription glassees - how to choose and order:





For those who require vision correction, it is possible to order a frame with Oakley prescription lenses. The execution of such an order takes about 14-30 working days. In order to place an order, it is necessary to send a prescription scan from your ophthalmologist and the name of the specific model you are interested in to

Oakley True Digital - GET TO KNOW THE ADVANTAGES>>


The quality of Oakley products is also confirmed by the fact that many stars sign the product lines with their names, which are only 5,000 units per series. These include Juan Pablo Montoya, Gretchen Bleiler, Lance Armstrong, Ryan Sheckler, Bob Burnqist, Bruce Irons and Shaun White. It is worth mentioning that when Gretchen Bleiler purchases products, part of the income from their sale is allocated to the foundation for the fight against breast cancer. Lance Armstrong, who is the patron of a special series of sports glasses Livestrong, donates the proceeds of its sale to a cancer foundation.

Every Oakley product is subject to a TWO YEAR WARRANTY which covers all damage except for lens scratches resulting from misuse of the products.


After reading this article you should not have any problem with choosing the right glasses for you on However, if you have any doubts, please send your inquiries to shop@o-shop. com and the shop staff will do their best to resolve them.

If you would like to get a deeper insight into the technology that Oakley uses, we encourage you to take a look at this page:


"Technologies" under the link: