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Gogle Oakley - Technologia Prizm w szybach gogli

Table of contents


  • Technologies
  • How to choose a lens color in goggles? 
  • Vision correction in goggles
  • Sunglasses for the mountains



 Oakley goggles in - check full offer of goggles



Oakley Snow goggles - snowboard and ski goggles

The Oakley® brand has been designing and manufacturing goggles for over 30 years. At that time, the main assumption, consistent with the values of the brand has not changed - a guarantee of the highest quality of vision clarity and eye protection for every winter sports enthusiast. Whatever winter discipline you choose and whatever the weather conditions outside, you can be sure that Oakley technologies are designed to give you even more satisfaction from winter activities and improve your performance. Each model of goggles is a separate story, so we invite you to join us on a journey through the winter world of Oakley.

No matter which activity you choose: skiing, snowboarding or mountain climbing, your eyesight in the mountains is exposed to dangerous UV radiation. The higher the mountain ranges you choose, the higher the UV radiation emission increases. Which makes you more likely to get sick. The effect of high exposure to UV radiation in the mountains is intensified by the specific nature of the environment; rocky subsoil, ice or snow from which the rays are reflected. Specialist goggles and sunglasses are one of the most important elements of mountaineers' equipment, without adequate protection they are exposed to snow blindness.



Oakley goggle technology - every detail counts

Oakley Prizm - Oakley lens technology 
The Oakley® Prizm™ Snow lens has created a real commotion among winter sports enthusiasts. It has broken the "code" of light rays, blocking light wavelengths in the color spectrum and at the same time enhancing ambient light. The unprecedented level of contrast and the visibility of snowmuds on the slope makes the reaction time much shorter and our efficiency increases. Seeing in Prizm Snow lenses is protection, comfort and relaxation for the eyes. Forget about the blatantly white snow and the impossibility to distinguish between ice-covered and snow-covered ground. All Oakley lenses have 100% UVA, UVB and UVC filters.

Oakley Prizm - Snow goggles


Oakley® color lenses offer the best combination of filters, color balance and contrast to maximize vision in all sunlight conditions. With Oakley® High Definition Optics® (HDO®) technology, athletes can count on unparalleled performance, clear vision and impact protection. Innovative solutions in luminaire architecture and design of goggle components optimise comfort by compensating for pressure, making breathing easier and eliminating sweat accumulation.

As part of the service, you can order additional masks and replace it in every goggle model. If you're looking for a goggle model with the fast changeover system Switchlock, check out the Airbrake XL model that comes with two masks.

All Oakley ski goggles use F3 anti-fog coatings that help absorb moisture and eliminate fog.

In the 2020/21 season we will see new models of goggles, which will be available in sizes: S, M and L. Admittedly, e. g. The Flight Deck model was already available in standard and smaller XM versions. Until now, the ability to choose the size of Oakley goggles was rare, now you can adjust the size of the goggles to your face.



Which color of the Prizm Snow lens should I choose?

The answer to this question is not clear, but we are in a hurry to make it easier to choose the perfect goggles. What are the most common conditions in which you use winter goggles? Do you ride in very high mountains where the intensity of sunlight is high or do you need protection and contrast in fog and snowfall? We distinguish three groups of Oakley lenses:

Prizm Black Iridium shield - Shield for sunny weather conditions


The Snow Black Iridium Prizm has a low light transmission of only 5. 5%, it is the darkest lens (category 4) that can cope while in the sky we are surrounded by an endless blue sky. During high mountain climbing, it is this mask that exposes your eyes to high sunlight without comprehensive protection and an appropriate UV filter is the way to serious health complications of the visual system. Remember that the impact of sun reflections intensifies the snow lying in the high mountains, so it is important to choose the best solutions. The Oakley goggles accompanied Martyna Wojciechowska in conquering Mount Everest in 2006. The Oakley brand is popular all over the world, below is a picture of Juan Pablo Mohr on top of Mount Everest in the Oakley Flight Deck with Prizm Snow Black Iridium.


Oakley winter goggles


Prizm Oakley shields for sunny and cloudy weather


In the lens category Prizm Snow for variable conditions we find lenses with light transmission properties ranging from 11% to 26%. It may seem like a small discrepancy between the amount of light - but very significant for our eyes. The darkest lenses (category 3) are Prizm Dark Grey 11%, Prizm Sapphire and Jade 13%. Prizm Torch, on the other hand, is 17%, which is not a big difference to Sapphire and Jade, but to Dark Grey it is. If you are active in winter during sunny conditions and the clouds appear, rarely choose one of these four colors. Prizm Rose is the brightest lens in this group with a 26% penetration rate and is classified in category 2. If clouds predominate and the sun appears sporadically, this color is the best choice. 


Prizm shields for difficult, snowy weather conditions and fog



Difficult weather conditions on the slopes and in the mountains require appropriate preparation. Skiing or snowboarding during fog or heavy snowfall can be dangerous. The limited field of vision requires us to be more vigilant even when we know perfectly well the slope and every obstacle that comes across during the descent. Lenses such as Prizm Persimmon and Prizm Hi-Pink Iridium transmit enough light 39% and 46% to feel safe during heavy snowfalls on the slopes.


Types of shields for Prizm SNOW winter goggles



Vision correction in Oakley goggles

We have prepared the following solutions for winter sports enthusiasts who wear corrective glasses on a daily basis. We know how important it is to have clear vision, so complete your order with an additional goggle pad with vision correction. The correction insertion is available in one size, and the power range is from +1. 00 dioptres to -3. 50 dioptres including cylinders +/-2. 00. We recommend the choice of Essilor lenses on material 1. 59, which is used for half-frame or patent frames. The properties of material 1. 59 allow for drilling (patented) and installing of the lens in a half-frame frame, they are very durable and shock-resistant. Therefore it is the best choice for active people.


Corrective insert for Oakley snow goggles Corrective insert in Oakley snow goggles


Oakley Prescrition Eyewear Compatible
If you have corrective glasses for physical activity, check which Oakley goggles are compatible with the frames. Thanks to the special cut-outs in the goggles at the height of the temple - the temples of the frame do not cause discomfort and the feeling of pressure on the temples. The best fit for Oakley goggles is provided by thin-temple optical frames. 



Sports glasses with Prizm Snow technology

Bestseller shapes of Oakley sports goggles with Prizm Snow lenses. If you are looking for an alternative to goggles, take some time to familiarize yourself with these models. Perhaps your passion is cross-country skiing or mountain climbing and you are looking for protective glasses to see every detail. Prizm Snow technology is now available! 

Wind Jacket 2.0 - Glasses perfectly suitable for winter sports
Wind Jacket 2.0 - a lighter version of ski goggles that protects equally well. Thanks to the possibility of removing the three-layer sponge, which protects you from the wind and sweat, it can also be used during the summer season. The model comes with a dedicated rubber band that can be attached at the back of the head, so you can be sure that the glasses will not fall off and will hold on steady. 


Clifden - a model inspired by the shape of the cult safety goggles of Alpinists and Himalayans. It has a dedicated string so you can hang your glasses around your neck without losing them. You can undo the string at any time. Additional protection against sunlight is provided by side elements in the form of inserts and one in the middle of the bridge. Glasses designed in this way will be ideal for mountain climbing. The elements can be quickly and easily removed from the frame so you can enjoy the design of round lifestyle glasses.


Glasses with Prizm lenses for winter sports


Prizm Snow Eyewear - lenses with Prizm Snow technology can now be found in Jawbreaker, Radar, Split Shot and Turbine models. All frames have the most important function in the mountains: their curved front well covers the outer corners of the eyes, protecting your eyesight from lateral glare. All so that you can fully concentrate on the path you've just taken. Oakley frames technologies also provide a comfortable fit and stability.