Oakley is renowned for its innovation in the design of the frames, it is a global leader in the production of high quality eyewear that meets the highest demands of professional athletes. Corrective lenses were designed specifically for the professional and amateur sports, ensuring the best field of vision in tight frames bent.
High-end sporting prescription glasses

Sports sunglasses must meet extremely high demands. Sunglasses allow you to take full advantage of the capabilities and abilities of the athlete. They must have a clear field of vision on the entire plane glasses. Convenient and highly specific frames allow you to keep full concentration, keeping the lens in proper alignment with the optical. Also plays a key role resistance to mechanical damage and UV protection. In the production of sunglasses used is still new, innovative solutions.





For cyclists, runners or basketball players to a greater extent it counts peripheral vision, so that recognize objects, people and traffic. Ordinary sunglasses slightly bent may affect peripheral vision field. Therefore, the athlete is forced to turn around his head to change the viewing direction, losing precious seconds that could decide the victory. Central vision used for precise and unhurried observing an object, for example, when measuring the impact ball to the goal or have a game of golf. It is also important if you count fractions of a second, for example when serving a tennis ball or tracking Reflects balls in baseball. In both cases, visual acuity determines the quality of the throw.

Lenses OAKLEY TRUE DIGITAL ™ improved through the use of technology, Oakley Dual Peripheral Technology ™, ensuring the best peripheral vision and motion detection. Oakley True Digital Technology ™ uses a wide range of luminaires Oakley in the process of adapting digital lenses and frames to a specific individual recommendations specialist, especially in heavily curved bindings. Oakley True Digital ™ is designed to the best field of view for professional and amateur athletes.



Oakley lenses
Wide range of correction
  • Material Plutonite - strength, lightness, transparency
  • A wide range of colors of lenses for different weather conditions
  • Additional anti-scratch coating
  • Compliance with ANSI
  • Impact resistance
  • The hydrophobic coating
Why Oakley True Digital ™?

  • A wide range of polarization
  • The lenses designed specifically for luminaires Oakley
  • Superior comfort and fit
  • Warranty strength and transparency
  • 2 year warranty Manufacturer
  • Strength of Materials fittings About MATTER, C-5, ACETATE, CARBON FIBRE, ALUMINIUM
  • unobtanium
  • Switchlock


Already use the possibilities orders of prescription glasses Oakley. The implementation of this order is approximately 14-30 days. To place an order it is necessary to send it to scan shop@o-shop.com a prescription from an ophthalmologist and the name of a specific model which you are interested.







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