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For athletes, the most important is the sharp central vision, while for the golfers to a greater extent matters peripheral vision, so that recognize objects, people and traffic. Ordinary sunglasses slightly bent may obscure or interfere with peripheral vision. Therefore, the user is forced to turn around his head, taking his eyes from the ball and losing precious seconds that could decide the victory. Central vision used for precise and unhurried observing an object, for example, while playing golf. Peripheral vision provides a wider range of situations, which is essential to the rapid adoption of key decisions.

In issue of glasses for golf very important role play lenses. The color of lenses for golf must include the surrounding environment. In an environment grass (green), sand (beige) and sky (blue-gray), as well as for good visibility white and blue balls are preferred to increase the contrast of the colors of browns, purples and reds. In addition, increasing the depth of field, ie. In order to ensure that all the contours of the green will be visible, and also a little more light transmission than the darkest gray provide three things. First, the flattening of colors that produce gray lens is altered by reinforcing tone browns and reds. Second, the smaller pupils provide greater depth of field. Thirdly, the colors absorb the shorter wavelength of blue that produce haze and dissipates. G30 Iridium lens has a transmission at about 15%, absorbs more blue waves, transmits yellows and reds for appearing brown.

To get to know golf, you must understand your grass. Basic equipment of all the world-famous golfers, and thus optimizes the G30 ™ Iridium® visual detail and depth of view so as to help you see the subtle variations in the structure of grass and sloping ground.

The main advantages of G30 Iridium® lenses:
+ Optimizes vision of details: for better visibility of the green substrate.
+ Improves depth perception: it helps to see every detail.
+ Reduces blinding glare: lets you track the ball in flight.

Polarized Lenses? It depends on the user's preferences. Polarization may mask some of the shadows created by the different grasses, particularly when they are used in different types of grasses based on local needs. Choose based on your own preferences.


PRIZM ™ is a new Oakley® lens technology, which adjusts the picture depending on Sport, or the environment in which we are currently in, highlighting the color and increases contrast.  To play golf well, you have to do more than just read the green. You need to spot the transitions between the fairway, fringe and rough. You have to gauge distance with accuracy, and you need a good eye for grass textures.Prizm™ golf lenses help golfers with all these things and more. The separation of colors gives you more depth cues to gauge distance for wedge shots, and when you’re on the green, you can easily differentiate grass conditions and grain direction.

+ Helps you spot grass textures you might otherwise miss
+ Improves contrast between the cyans and greens of healthy grass and the yellows, oranges and reds of unhealthy grass
+ By separating shades of green, they help you spot fairway/fringe/rough transitions


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