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Oakley is a company, that has two priorities: the quality of offered products and customer satisfaction. Oakley is a leader in sunglasses and goggles manufacture. It's market position is a result of exclusive use of materials, such as Plutonite® or Lexan®, that are main components of lenses. These materials are a guarantee of premium optics and impact protection, they filter out 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC & harmful blue light. While choosing Oakley products you need to remember, that their main advantage is technology.



Lenses in Oakley goggles divide into two categories: contour lenses (increasing contrast) for bad weather conditions and tinted lenses, that will work well on sunny days.

Tinted lenses in Oakley goggles:
Fire Iridium, Black Iridium, Grey, VR28 Black Iridium, Emerald Iridium, Gold Iridium, Blue Iridium, VR28, Dark Grey, G30.

Among contour lenses you can find:
Persimmon, H.I. Persimmon, Yellow, H.I. Yellow, VR50 Pink Iridium. There is also Clear lens, but, as you can guess, it has no colour.

The list of all available lenses. Click to enlarge.



Oakley gives you an opportunity to improve those lenses with such technologies, as Iridium® and Polarization. Iridium® lenses have special coating, which reduces glare and increase contrast for improved vision even in low light conditions. Polarized lenses block glare that is magnified by flat surfaces like water and pavement. Ordinary polarized lenses come with haze and distortion. But Oakley polarized lenses have over 99% efficiency, what makes them the best polarized lenses in the world! Frames in all Oakley goggles are made of special, impact resistant O MATTER® material, that reduces the risk of eye injury in case of fall.

What about the helmet?
Oakley goggles cooperate with most of the helmets available on the market, so your only problem will be to fit them visually to the rest of your outfit.

Lens changing:
All fans of snow and winter sports will be content with easily interchangeable lens, which will help them to adapt to different environments, both on sunny days and during evening skiing. Because of various environments that your goggles need to manage, we recommend you to buy the second lens – contour or tinted one, different than the one that you already have. The good solution is to buy polarized lens, which reduces the blinding glare, magnified by the slope. We also recommend AIRBRAKE for users, who need to change lens in their goggles particularly often - it comes with two different lenses and the case.


MX Series:

MX goggles are designed especially for motorsports fans. Their lenses are equipped with tear-offs, so that you can quickly clean them during a ride, without being slowed down by water or mud. If you ride in extremely hard conditions and your lenses get dirty really often, we recommend you to use laminated tear-offs. They minimize the risk of contaminating the other layers, before removing the first one. The tint of lens should be adapted to the place and ride conditions. Tinted lenses would be the best choice for open Cross track, while contour or clear lenses will perform perfectly during forest ride. Oakley company has also designed the special OTG goggles for people, who need to wear prescription lenses. You can wear those goggles together with most of available prescription glasses.


The quality of Oakley is confirmed by the fact, that many celebrities sign the company's products with their names. Each special edition of products numbers only 5000 units. Among the stars, cooperating with Oakley you can find: Shaun White, Gretchen Bleiler, Seth Morrison, Danny Kass, Troy Lee, James Stewart. It's good to know, that when you buy products signed by Gretchen Bleiler, the part of the income goes to a breast cancer foundation.

Each Oakley product comes with 2 year warranty, concerning all damages, except scratches on lenses, caused by irregular usage.
After acquainting yourselves with this article, you shouldn't have any problems with choosing a suitable goggles. However, if any doubts arise, please contact us by e-mail Our personnel will do its best to solve your problems.

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